Taco Movie Night

I’ve always been a big fan of starting family traditions. Some have worked, lots haven’t. Most of the time we start traditions and once I figure out how much work it is, the tradition slowly fades into oblivion.

Then there is the tradition that we have remained faithful to, on a weekly basis no less. It is Taco Movie Night. This tradition started out as simply Movie Night. Most of the time we ordered a pizza to eat while we watched our family movie. Then one Friday night, tired of pizza, I decided to make tacos instead. They were a hit. No, they were a huge it. Now Mama’s homemade tacos are one of their most favorite things.

Of course, everything tastes good when you get to eat it off of a T.V. tray. There are only two rules on Taco Movie Night: eat over your tray and Mom and Dad get the final say on the movie choice. I figure, the fewer the rules, the better the chance that they are actually followed.

Usually the movies have to be voted on. Lately, we’ve been making our way through our collection of Disney movies. The boys are aware of it, but this is all about my secret preparation for our big trip in January. I even forced the boys to watch “Cinderella” with me one night (obviously the Golfer was out of town.) And you know what? They actually liked it.

It was the talking mice that did it. Who doesn’t like talking mice?

The boys could care less about the “love scenes” and could not understand why the Evil Step Mother was being so mean to Cinderella. They became very interested in their tacos when the Prince and Cinderella were dancing at the ball. But during the scene when all of the animals were making Cinderella’s dress for the ball, the Monkey announced, “I want to be a red bird with funny hair for Halloween.” (There was a cute red bird helping to put the trimmings on the dress. Why he chose that animal over all of the others is beyond me. Thank goodness I’ve convinced him to be Batman instead.)

I’m guessing I have until they hit junior high to continue this tradition. One day in the future they’ll figure out that there are lots of fun things to do on Friday nights, and sitting in front of the T.V. with your parents isn’t one of them. Instead, Taco Movie Night will turn into Date Night with a cute girl from their biology class down at the mall. I’ll be left with my Friday night memories of who was arguing over the Blue’s Clues tray and how I agreed to watch “101 Dalmatians” for the millionth time.

Yes, I’ll have nothing left but a few cold tacos and my memories to keep me warm. I can only hope that no one will ever make tacos as good as their Mama can.

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