Breaking News: It’s Raining!

{a view from my “office” window}

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but those are serious rain drops on the window. This is a big deal when you can’t remember the last time that you actually saw rain in real life. Ahhhhh, it’s like being washed anew!

But what’s really funny about this is how people here in SoCal react to the rain. Yesterday I overhead a lady on her phone in the grocery store.
“Yeah, Madge. I totally forgot to tell Gladys about the HUGE storm that’s coming our way. I mean it’s just supposed to be awful. Yeah, uh-huh. I’m at the store getting some stuff now. I’m not gonna wanna get out for the next couple of days I have a feelin‘.”
I was cracking up. She was acting like my grandmother used to before an ice storm would blow in. She’d head out to stock up on toilet paper (see previous weekly column) and other staples because who knew when she’d be able to get out again (usually it was only a day or two.)
This lady was acting like the Wicked Witch of the West–afraid a little rain might do her in. First of all, we will be lucky to get a full inch of rain by the time that this HUGE storm is over. And second of all, this HUGE storm is only bringing with it a little rain. No thunderstorms, lightening, or anything else really exciting. Besides, when it rains heavily here it doesn’t really rain, it just sort of…spits.
Perhaps a girl raised around tornadoes doesn’t get how people can react so dramatically a little rain. Of course, I’m not worried about a bunch of mud sliding down into my family room either like the poor people in the burn areas.
Oh, but it is so very, very nice to see the rain. It’s chilly, cloudy, and wet. I’m thinking about starting a fire in the fireplace (because in SoCal you’ve gotta take advantage when you can) and getting ready to fire up the Keurig for a little coffee.
I can’t believe it. It’s actually Fall.

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