I highly recommend it.

I really wasn’t kidding about being a bargain shopper. See these receipts? They say things like:

“Today’s Total Savings: $59.05”
“Verified Total Savings: $98.57”
And the best yet, “Today’s Total Savings: $139.59”

I know you’re probably saying right now, “Yeah, but I bet you had to spend a lot to save a lot.” Not at all. A fellow football mom, Heather, turned me on to a way of stretching your grocery store dollar as far as it can go. Yes, these are the receipts from the grocery store since I started playing The Grocery Game. It truly is a game people and if you play it correctly, you can save a whole lot of money.

And what a fun game it is. When I went to Ralph’s on Sunday, out of the 66 items that I purchased, I only paid full price for 3 of those items. When I checked out and the check-out lady told me my savings (98 bucks!) an older woman behind me said, “Wow! Good for you!”

That’s right. Good for me.

You have to change the way that you think about grocery shopping. No more only what you need for right now. The Grocery Game is all about stockpiling. Some may call this hoarding, but The Grocery Game calls is stockpiling. Supposedly it takes about 12 weeks to get your stockpile completed. Once that’s done, all you have to shop for are the perishables and weekly needs. No more spending $200 every time you go to the grocery store.

Since I’ve started playing, I’ve been saving around 50% every time I’ve gone to the store. I won’t go into how it all works–you can go to the website and watch the tutorial for that. Basically it’s all about using the right coupons at the right times in combination with the in-store sales to make the most of your savings. I’m telling you that it is worth the time and the small fee (you’re charge $10 for the first store list and $5 for every store after that every 8 weeks.) I’ve already saved enough to pay for the service for months and months to come.

Why do I care enough to share this all with you? Because #1–I love to brag about a bargain, and #2–I hate wasting money on things like groceries. Waste money on the important things, like trips to Target and expensive jeans.

As my mom used to always say, “Try it. You might like it.”

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