Awards, experiments, and games

Don’t you hate it when people brag about their kids? They just go on and on and you’re like, “Okay, we get it!” but the obnoxious parent just won’t stop.

That parent is about to be me.

Last week we received a note in the Cheese’s Tuesday Folder. “You child will be receiving an award,” it said. So yesterday we headed to the school for the assembly. The Cheese was given an award for Outstanding Work and Study Habits. I couldn’t have been more proud (of course, I would have been proud no matter what the award had been for.) But this was an award that wasn’t just about him being good at something. It was about being awarded for making good choices and being a good roll model. I’d like to take all of the credit, but I think most (if not all) of the credit goes to the wonderful teachers that he’s had.

Speaking of making good choices, this past weekend the Cheese said that he wanted to do some science experiments. The Sooners had already lost and the Bruins were on their way to losing, so a little time away from watching football sounded like a good idea. After a little research on the computer with Dad, he printed off instructions for “Dancing Raisins” that included a clear glass, raisins, and a can of Sprite. I’m not sure what he learned exactly, but he was delighted when the raisins did indeed dance.

So while they were busy experimenting, the Monkey and I were busy playing games. He always asks me to play and I’ll be honest–90% of the time I tell him to go ask his brother to play or come up with some other excuse why I can’t play. But this weekend I actually got down on the floor and played because I was tired of feeling like such a slacker mom.

Right now he’s really into this Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion game; kinda appropriate for the Halloween season. We played and played and I tried my best to make sure that he always won (because he’s 4 and I wasn’t up for the tears of losing) and I tried to not fall asleep on the floor. I hate to admit it, but the game was actually kinda fun. Does that mean I want to play 10 times a day? No. But fun nonetheless.

There. I’m done bragging about my kids. Done patting myself on the back. That wasn’t so bad.
Was it?

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