"Halloween’s over. Is Christmas tomorrow?"

I’m really in too much of a sugar-induced coma to be writing this right now. Yes, that’s right. I’ve already been raiding the kids’ candy. But honestly, they really don’t need those Milk Duds anyway. Bad for the teeth.

We were afraid for a minute there that Halloween wouldn’t be happening at our house. The Cheese was running a fever, had a sore throat, and a headache. I took him into the doctor on Friday, just to be on the safe side, and of course the doctor just shrugged his shoulders and said that he wasn’t sure what was wrong, but probably just a mild case of the flu.

I know that he’s a licensed medical professional and all, but I wasn’t buying it. I know the flu–seen it up close and personal–and this wasn’t the flu. He acted fine, a little crabby, but he’s 7 so that’s fairly normal behavior. So I just smiled, paid my $15, and headed out grumbling something about the whole visit being a waste of time.

So by Saturday things were better. No fever, less crabbiness. So we got busy carving pumpkins. I told the Golfer that was his job–totally his responsibility. And it was too until I started trying to direct what he was doing and I was told, “Just take pictures. That’s all. Just take pictures.” Apparently, I can be bossy when it comes to things like carving pumpkins. Who knew.

{look at the Monkey’s face. priceless.}
To continue the festivities I decided to make some cupcakes because really, it isn’t a holiday without cupcakes. Is it?

The best thing about Halloween this year was our house guest, David. David came all the way from Wales to spend Halloween with the Freemans. He told me that they didn’t do Halloween in Europe the way that we do here. When we told him that we’d probably have a couple hundred trick-or-treaters come by, he about fell out of his chair. He got such a kick out of the whole thing, and I got such a kick out of him. (Not to mention that I could sit and listen to him talk for hours and that he is absolutely one of the nicest people on the planet.) I’ve decided that “Brilliant!” is going to be my new catch phrase/word of choice.

As usual, the boys brought in quite a haul. We have very generous neighbors to say the least. I have to admit that I’m happy that Halloween is over because that means that it’s officially the Holiday Season.

We head to Oklahoma for a quick visit next week. We’ll be going to our first OU football game in 3 YEARS!!! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will cry when I walk into the stadium, and cry again after the National Anthem when everyone says, “and the home of the….SOONERS!!” I’ll have to fill my pockets with Kleenex just to make it through the game.



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