No worries. I’m not going anywhere.

For those of you who have emailed and commented, thank you. When I wrote that post a couple of days ago about losing my writing mo-jo, I wasn’t fishing for compliments and encouragement, but boy they sure are nice! What would life be without friends and supporters like you? I don’t want to know.

I have, however, come to a decision about my writing. I have decided to stop writing my weekly column at the end of the year. Having a weekly deadline has just become too much. It’s like having a term paper due every week (and you know how much fun term papers are.) How Erma Bombeck did it for all of those years I’ll never understand, but I guess that’s why she was Erma and I’m not.

But don’t worry. I will still be writing. This blog isn’t going anywhere. There are way too many family members and friends who use this to keep up with our lives. My hope is that through casually writing on this blog, maybe I’ll rediscover my love of writing now that I have taken away the pressure to perform. We shall see.

Again, thank you dear friends for caring enough to say things like, “No! Don’t stop!” I have said from the very beginning that all I’ve ever wanted to do is write something that all mothers would relate to and perhaps get a laugh out of. So keep coming back. Keep checking in to see what I’m writing about. Hopefully I’ll be doing it more and more and more.

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