High picture expectations.

Yesterday it rained all day. Today it was really cold. And in the distance I can see snow on the mountains. Oh my gosh people! It’s like a whole other season in Southern California! It’s winter!

This kind of weather actually makes it feel a little like Christmastime. I wish I had a picture of it, of the cold and the rain and the seasonal change, but I’ll just share this picture instead:

This is our family. This is one of the pictures that we took for our Christmas card. This is one of the many, many pictures that we decided not to use on our Christmas card. So if you get one of our Christmas cards, do not look for this picture. It won’t be there.

I actually like this picture. I think it’s sweet and un-posed (if there is such a thing.) So why didn’t we use it? Well, for lots of reasons really. The Golfer vetoed this pic right away. Didn’t like what we were all wearing was the reason he gave. I’m not big on “hey it’s a family picture so let’s all match!” I like pics to look…natural. Like it’s any ordinary old day and we just happen to all be bunched together outside, perfectly smiling. But I had to agree with him. We all looked a little…random. And he has his “woobie” coat on, which is a whole other story.

When it comes to Christmas card pictures, I am very picky. Christmas cards are expensive, not to mention time consumming. Just like the rest of you card senders out there, I expect to send out the very best. No goofy looking card from The Freemans. No, sir.

I decided to use a few cute pics of the boys. The Golfer and I didn’t make the cut this year, but that’s nothing new. Someday I hope to take a family picture that isn’t random, a picture where we all like how we look, but I’ve learned to keep my expectations very, very low when it comes to picture taking. It just isn’t worth the heartbreak. Although this one is pretty darn cute–brothers who look like they’re having fun together and actually like each other caught on film.

But this one didn’t make it on the card either. High picture expections, people. High expectations.


  1. Anonymous

    At the high-dollar photography workshop that I went to this fall, the photography guru advised that in a family photo, the only important thing is how the mother looks…(for selling photos, that is)

  2. Dawn

    Love both of the pictures Stephenie!

    I just spent $150 on cards and stamps yesterday. I got them mailed out this morning.

    We actually have THREE pictures on our card because I couldn't decide. LOL!

    Please post a picture of your Christmas card after Christmas or after you know your friends and family received them. I'd love to see what you chose. =)

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