Making room in their rooms for the impending flood.

:: Christmastime at The Del ::

I got busy yesterday cleaning up the boys’ rooms. There were cardboard boxes being used as forts and shoeboxes filled with rocks. Something needed to be done.

My real motivation was the anticipation of the impending flood. We have 50 presents under the tree and all of them are for the boys. And Santa hasn’t even shown up yet!

So I got in there and did one of those secret trash bags swoops, where all of the Happy Meal toys, broken Transformers, and all of the other “junk” that has made its way into their room magcially disappears.

But I even did more than that. I decided to rearrange, move things around. And do you know what happened? The boys rediscovered their toys. There was lots of “I forgot all about this!”

It was like…Christmas.

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