We’ve just been so social lately

There once was a time when the Golfer and I were very social. Our social calendars were busy and full. And then we had children and things slowed way down. Now our social calendars are their social calendars.

But every once in a while we get to spend time with our friends. Last night we had a lovely dinner at some friends’ house. Their kids and our kids ran wild and ate pizza, but mostly it was an adult evening that included lots of red wine.

Then today we were visited by some dear friends from Oklahoma. They were in town (such an Okie term isn’t it?) visiting family and we were fortunate to get to spend a little time with them. Our kids played and ate grilled cheese, but we managed plenty of adult conversation in spite of them.

These goofy yahoos had such a ball together and weren’t nearly as onry as they look. (I love the word “onry.” It was one of my Grandaddy’s favorite words and now I know why.)

{BTW–I hate myself at this angle. Of course, I hate pictures of myself in general, but if someone knows a good angle for picture taking, I’d appreicate it if you’d pass it along.}

This is my dear friend, Foshee. We’re not as onry as we look either. It was a beautiful day in Southern California (65 and sunny for all of you back home enduring the snow) and we chatted and watched our kids play at the park and ate at a yummy little cafe. The only problem was that we were missing our four other musketeers that are usually with us (that would be you Kristi, Amy, Niki, and Erin.) Our little group tries to get together at least once a year and we laugh and talk funny and share and laugh and commiserate and laugh and enjoy each other so much. Oh how I miss these sweet friends. They bless me even though they’re all 1,300 miles away.

Thursday night, so celebrate NYE (that’s New Year’s Eve) we’re going out with our new friends Tom and Lisa who we so enjoy spending time with and can’t wait to do more of it.

This time we’re going out without our children. I wonder if we’ll be able to be social without them?

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