Mini-golf birthday for a 5-year-old? No problem!

I thought that when I talked the Monkey into having a mini-golf birthday that I was doing a good thing. I thought it would be easy. We’d play putt-putt in the backyard, have a cute golf cake, and give out mini-trophies as prizes. The mistake I made was using Martha Stewart as an example.

The idea came from one of her kids’ magazines. I had ripped it out and saved it because I just knew that it would make a darling party.

{photo from}

The pictures make it look so easy. All you need is…a baking sheet, play sand, two-by-fours, cardboard, acrylic paint, pinwheels, croquet wickets, electrical tape, a xylophone, dowels and fabric for flags, and 200 square feet of artificial turf.

No problem. Sure. Whatever, Martha.

The mistake I made was showing the pictures of the 9-hole mini-golf course to the Monkey. He said things like “Cool!” and “Awesome!” and “Whoo-Hoo!”

And now here I am. Three weeks until his party and I haven’t started on any of it. And to top it off, we are leaving on a Disney Cruise (so excited, so excited, so excited!) in 4 days, drastically cutting off my partying planning time.

The Golfer suggested we just let the kids hit golf balls all over the house. I think he was drunk when he said it. No, I’m sure he was.

But my little boy is turning 5 and there’s no way I’m going to disappoint.

I just might kill myself with a putter by the time it’s all over.

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