I’m not 300 years old. I just feel like I am.

Yesterday was my 300th post. A milestone I suppose. I guess it’s significant, although I’m not sure why. But I’ll go ahead and give myself a “Whoo-hoo!” because it seems like I should mark the occassion with an annoying chick noise of some kind.

It wasn’t my 300th, but I did celebrate a birthday recently. Nothing significant about it at all. In fact, I spent half the day in bed with a migraine, but that’s nothing new since big, fat, ugly headaches that make me want to scream are becoming a regular part of my old age.

The only thing good about my birthday was the cards (or should I say, pictures) that I received from my boys.

This picture was from the Monkey (aka Palmer). That of course is a beautiful tree and those two grey figures next to it are me and the Monkey. Not surprisingly, I am the bigger of the two. (And those are my eyes, not my boobs.)

This one is from the Cheese. I love its simplicity. A pretty flower and the words, “To Mom”. Nothing mushy or overdone. Just keep it simple stupid. The Cheese apparently takes after his father.

I love how they both write their names on their pictures. I remember doing that as a kid. For a long time, your name is the only word that you can write and so you write it on everything. And I love how the Monkey is still in the stage where you write it as big as you can, in the middle of the page in black, so there’s no way anyone can miss it.

You’ve gotta love a four-year-old’s egocentricity.

That was all my kids gave me for my birthday. No teacups or lightbulbs this year. Just their love drawn in crayon on a piece of copy paper that they stole out of my printer.

I couldn’t have asked for a better present.


  1. Neikiegirl

    Dear Stephenie.

    I share your joy in motherhood. except, I don't have 2 boys, only one girl.
    She loves writing my letters, even though she can alsoonly write her name (she's also 5). Allthough a few weeks ago she was watching an episode of 'Fairly odd Parents' where everyone was freaking out about some rockstar, Chip coming to town. In the episode Timmy's dad wears a t-shirt which says “I Love Chip (Love writen as a heart, not the word). She made me pause the tv so that she can copy is. Now with every picture she draws me, I get the following signature:
    (heart) Alreece (heart)
    I (heart) CIHP

    It's just one of the “look mommy, I discoverd how to do something that's even cuter than the thing which I discovered how to do yesterday!” things of everyday. I'm sure you also get alot of those.

    Anyway, I just joined 'blogger' and saw your blog, and I wanted to tell you that I enjoy it very much. I'm starting to read your older posts as well, so don't be surprized when you get a comment on a post you did in 2008.

    Anyway, I'm also blogging on being a mom. Feel free to have a look at it at http://neikiegirl-singlemom.blogspot.com

    Anyway, it was nice “meeting” you.

    P.S. Let us know how your Disney Cruise went!

    Kind regards


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