Apparently, the weather man hates me.

I’m not a full-on control freak. I just have a mild case. A mild case that throws me into a world of worry and panic when I find that I don’t have control.

It’s not so much that I want control, I just want everything to happen the way that I think it should.

I’ve been planning this trip–our inaugural Disney Cruise–for months now. Months of imagining and planning and working to get everything just right. And now we are only 2 days away from leaving and the excitement in the house can hardly be controlled.

Everything about the planning of this trip has gone smoothly. I’ve been able to check things off my planning list with ease and amazing efficiency. I had always heard how amazing Disney Cruises are and I was making sure that ours would be no different.

{telling the boys Christmas morning our our vacation plans}
And then I started checking the weather and it has totally thrown me into I-don’t-have-any-control-and-it’s-freaking-me-out mode.

The weather hasn’t been something that I’ve really thought about until I started thinking a couple of days ago what we needed to pack. I knew that the temps this time of year averaged somewhere around the low 70’s, but could also be in the low 60’s. It could be a little chilly, but so what? We’re going to be on a freakin’ Disney Cruise! And besides, the kids would swim no matter the temperature. That’s just how kids are.

But it now looks like there’s also a small chance of rain. A small chance, but enough of one to make me a nervous wreck. Rain ruins things. Rain makes you sad. Rain makes you want to lay in bed and not do anything. But we were going on a flippin’ Disney Cruise where rain just isn’t an option. Apparently Mother Nature doesn’t give a crap that I’ve been planning this for months and have this perfect picture in my mind of exactly how our trip is supposed to go.

I shared my worries with the Golfer. He quietly reminded me that I have no control over the situation. None whatsoever.

“But I don’t want it to rain or be chilly. I want it all to be perfect. Exactly how it is in my mind: perfect!”

And he nodded and looked at me with those eyes that said, “I married a crazy woman.” And quietly shared these words.

“Honey, it’s supposed to be 70 degrees with a slight chance of showers. Relax. The kids aren’t going to care what the weather’s like. They will have a blast no matter what.”

And dammit, you know what? He’s right.

I hate it when that happens.

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  1. Rita

    Oh girl! We went on a Disney cruise several years ago and BELIEVE ME, there are TONS of things to do on that ship that aren't affected by the weather. I swear it won't matter. It'll be magical, just like they promise!

    Can't WAIT to hear all about it!

    Have a great time!

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