Just your typical four-day weekend.

We were in Newport Beach (the Newport Coast to be exact) over the four-day weekend. Not a bad place to kill a little time, let me tell ya.

Officially we were there on business (a golf tournament which the Bruins won) which meant while the Golfer and the boys were busy on the course, I got to amuse myself with a little local shopping.

:: The Monkey watching a little golf at Pelican Hill ::

Shopping in the O.C. is an adventure. Beautiful people everywhere. Even their dogs are beautiful. It’s sickening. Everyone is thin, driving expensive cars, and look like they have nothing better to do but spend a lot of money because, well, they probably don’t.

Heading into the fancy shopping center, I parked my Tahoe in between a Rolls-Royce (not kidding) and a Mercedes. On the other side of that was another Mercedes and yet another Mercedes. Mercedes as far as the eye can see.

Yeah, I fit right in.

Not only are the people and the cars in Newport beautiful, so are all of the surroundings. Let’s just say the Newport Fire Station has better landscaping than my own house. But that’s not really saying much I guess.

:: One of the views from the course during the tournament. Yeah, that’s the ocean in the background. ::
Even the grocery stores are better there. I ran into a Pavilion’s to grab a few things with the boys and they immediately found the shopping carts for kids that have the cars in the front. You know the ones that I am talking about? Well, these carts not only had the cars for the kids to “drive” but they also had little televisions for the kids to watch.


I mean, I’m all about have distractions to keep my kids occupied while I shop, but more T.V.? Kids have televisions at home, in the cars, and now in the grocery stores? Please.

So we took our time looking around the store (because there was T.V. to watch after all) so we got a Jamba Juice for the boys (there was a Jamba Juice bar inside the store), a Starbucks for Mama (there was one of those too, never mind that there was a Starbucks 20 yards outside of the store), and then we just wandered around.

It was like window shopping at a mall filled with produce.
And to answer your burning question, no, we did not see any of the Real Housewives of Orange County. It’s a good thing too because I don’t know that I could have refrained from wanting to drive them over with my Tahoe just to put them out of their brainless misery.

I can’t wait to go back.

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