You might want to look away…

Eight years ago today I was sitting in Ted’s eating Mexican food knowing that the next day I was going to become a mother.

February 25, 2002 I was the huge pregnant woman sitting in Ted’s eating her weight in chips and queso.

We headed to Ted’s after the doctor had said, “Why don’t we induce you tomorrow?” The Golfer and I shrugged in agreement and headed off for our last quiet meal alone. Ted’s seemed like the obvious choice (those of you who live in the OKC Metro area are nodding in agreement.)

I went home and did all of the normal things that a woman does before she has a baby. I called my family with the news. I did some laundry. I fed the dogs and checked my hospital bag just to make sure that I had everything. In other words, it was like any other ordinary day.

Except that it wasn’t. I was about to become a mother and I had no earthly idea what that meant.

I can’t really remember what I did the rest of the evening except for one thing. I remember the Golfer wanting to take my picture; a picture of my huge, enormous, 2 days overdue belly. I was a little mortified by the idea (I wasn’t one of the women who chronicled my ever expanding waistline) but now I am so glad that he made me do it.

Now for those of you who are delicate, you might want to look away. Please forgive the lovely white bra and the leopard towel. Please also excuse the horrible state of my hair (or should I say roots) and lack of makeup but frankly I was about to give birth in less than 12 hours and I really could have cared less.

Remember that I warned you…

:: As Frank Barone would say, “Holy Crap!” ::

Yep, this was me, 8 years ago today. 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I look at that now and simply cannot believe that my son who is all glasses and teeth and can read and multiply and ride his bike and loves Legos more than life itself was inside my belly!

And tomorrow he will turn 8.

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