The Cheese turns 8.

I took the easy way out this year when it came to the Cheese’s birthday cake. These are supposed to be basketballs which have obviously seen better days, but it didn’t seem to matter to the birthday boy. “It’s okay, Mom,” he told me.
Doesn’t this just say it all when it comes to 8 year-old boys?
This birthday was about one of the easiest that I’ve ever done. The Cheese invited 2 of his best buddies to come over on Friday night for pizza, beat up basketball cupcakes, and presents before heading to a Lakers game at Staples Center. I highly recommend having a birthday party where after about an hour the birthday boy and party guests have to leave the house for the remainder of the party and you, the birthday Mama, get to stay at home and relax.
He’s eight now. And he’ll tell anyone who will listen. Some things just never change.

And off they went to cheer the Lakers to victory! And when they returned home I asked the birthday Daddy how it was to which he replied, “Other than the Cheese taking a dump during all of half-time, not bad!”

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