Let’s play dress up.

When I was around 4 years-old I went through a period of time when I only wanted to wear dresses. I informed my best friend Bradley that he needed to wear a suit. I’m pretty sure that Bradley never wore a suit during any of our playdates. I can’t say that I really blame him (he most likely thought I had lost my mind), but if you asked my 5 year-old to wear one, he’d be thrilled.

The Monkey is currently into wearing collared shirts–particularly polo-style golf shirts much like what his daddy wears on a daily basis. I understand why he loves them so much, and certainly it isn’t a bad thing to want to wear every day.

I just never thought I’d have to fight my son about not dressing up.

:: A collared shirt even on the beach ::

Because let’s face it, there are times, especially with little boys, when dressing up just isn’t a good option. Like going to the park, or playing outside, or just hanging out at home. A collared shirt just really isn’t required.
But try telling that to a preschooler who has his heart set on a collared shirt. Every day. No matter what.
I guess there are worse problems to have with your 5 year-old.
And what is he wearing today as he eats pretzels and plays gold on the Wii? A collared shirt and two socks that don’t match. Because that’s his other new thing: wearing socks that don’t match–on purpose.
Don’t ask me why he does that. I have no idea. And honestly, I think it’s kinda cute.
Now if he would just put on his red satin cape, his outfit would be complete.

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