Miles to go before I sleep.

When does it end? When do you stop being busy and just get to relax. Because seriously, the weekends aren’t even safe anymore (i.e., soccer games.)

I used to think I was busy when the boys were babies. Oh, I need to feed the baby. Oh, I need to change the baby. Oh, the baby needs a nap I guess I’ll take one too.

Yeah, whatever. That’s not busy. That’s just babyhood.

Busy is when you have to get the kids to their soccer games, and you also are having a garage sale that same weekend, and oh yeah there’s that second grade family heritage project that you need to “help” your child research, and your husband’s out of town so you have no help, and the dog just pooped on the rug…again, and don’t forget that you volunteered to chair Earth Week at school.

That is what I call busy, people.

But I’m not complaining. I love my life. My life is just…busy. And sometimes busy and blogging just don’t…mesh.

Yes, my postings have been few and far between lately. But I’ve been busy, yes busy playing Supermom lately and trying to save the world one PTA meeting at a time.

But I’ve also been busy with this…

And this…

{ Spring Break field trip to the Noah’s Ark exhibit at the Skirball Museum }

And this…

Yes, to top off all of the business, we are in the midst of a big patio and backyard remodel. And don’t think that I’m about to start complaining because I’m not. We know how blessed we are to get to do something like this. But after 7 weeks of having people at your house 6 days a week for 12 hours a day, it starts to wear you out a little. But like I said, I’m not complaining.
Nope, certainly not complaining.
(Don’t worry–I will do a lovely photo montage once it’s complete.)
And now I’m off to do something else because that is what busy moms do.


  1. Dawn

    I can NOT wait to see the end pictures of your porch!! I'm so happy you all are getting to have that done.

    I'd love to have an awesome porch someday.

    I understand about the not having enough time in the day. I've pretty much given up on sleeping. LOL!

    I'm not sure if I told you about a new blog I'm a part of or not, but it's keeping me very busy with writing. And, then trying to keep up with my own blog and FB leaves little time to even feed my children. I kid. I kid.

    Anyway, if I haven't told you about the new blog you should check it out. It's called The RHOK ~ Real Housewives of Oklahoma.
    We'd love for you to be a guest writer sometime.

    We just wrote a post about how to be a guest poster. If you've got something you've done in the past you'd like to share, we'd love to have you!! =)

    Have a great week!

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