You’ve been waiting…so have I!

:: before ::

It wasn’t such a bad little porch really. It really wasn’t. But it was small and every time it rained, little white paint chips would cover the furniture and grill like snow. Something had to change.
So we made a plan.
And then we put that plan into action.
And now 3 months later, it’s about finished.
Yes, the project that originally was only supposed to take 30 days has taken 3 times as long.
I’ve hated to complain, because hey, I’m just happy that we are able to do this project at all. But. But I’m ready to have my yard back. I’m ready to let the dogs outside to pee and not worry that they will escape. I’m ready to not have a yard full of mud. I’m ready to sit outside on a gorgeous southern California day and enjoy life.
The highlight of the whole project happened yesterday. Long story short, a large red trailer full of junk from our project came unhooked from a truck and rolled down our street and rammed into the back of the Golfer’s car. No major damage, thank goodness, but a new back bumper will be required. We’re just glad that the trailer only hit his car and not the neighbors house or a small child. Because that, that would have really sucked.
But now it’s almost done and I’m happy because that means that I finally get to accessorize. I get to go to places like Home Goods and load up on lanterns and bistro sets. Decorating, even when it’s just a remodeled patio, is always the best part.
Starting next week the landscaper will be putting on the final touches and after that’s over I will finally post the final pictures of the finally finished product.

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  1. Kirsten

    Oh my, that could have been awful! Have fun shopping for outdoor stuff, that will be so much fun!!! Bring the boys over soon, we're getting a trampoline 🙂 You're fixing up your yard, we're trashing ours.

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