Parting doesn’t have to be such sorrow.

I’m big about cleaning things out. I might have a lot of stuff in my house (i.e., toys and books) but I don’t have a lot of junk.


Somethings–things that you no longer have a need for or have outgrown or whatever–are just so darn hard to part with.

Take the lapboard that I made in college. The key word here is that I made it. I spent hours cutting out words from magazines, buying cute stickers (stickers, really?), and picking out which pictures were worthy of this precious project. Because once everything was Mod Podged (remember that stuff?) it would be poured with a hard lacquer.

Long story short, I’ve been carrying this thing around from apartment to apartment, from house to house for the past 15 years or so. So when the Golfer and I were cleaning out the garage, getting ready for a garage sale, he pulled it out and gently said, “How long are you planning on keeping this?”

My first reaction was, “Of course I’m keeping that!” But the longer he stood there holding it, I realized how stupid it was to keep it. Sure, it had some great Party Pics on it that I couldn’t bare to part with, not to mention all of the time and love that went into creating it. But I knew that it was time to say goodbye.

That’s when the Golfer swooped in and saved the day.

“Why don’t you take a picture of it.”

I knew I made the right choice when I married him!

:: genius idea ::

Taking pictures of all of my old junk has been a lifesaver! Especially when it’s come to things that the boys have outgrown. Look at these.

These Vans were worn by both boys. I bought them when we first moved out here. I mean, what says, “I’m a cool California surfer dude” more than an awesome pair of checked Vans?
It was the Monkey that wore them to death. For the past school year, he wore them just about every single day (with mismatched socks no less!) Socks and shoes are definitely two areas where I let my boys display their individual style. I take credit for nothing below the knees.
So before throwing out these bad boys, I took a picture. And what will I do with all of these pictures of all of this great old junk?
I have no idea, but pictures take up a lot less space in the garage.
And as Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

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  1. Dawn

    Oh, my goodness… I love that lap board. Cute! Great idea to just take a picture of it.

    And, the shoes… so sweet.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today. Made me laugh that you noticed my mismatched knee pads. Ha!

    I hope you'll do a post about your high school years. I'd love to read it. Be sure to come over to The RHOK blog and link up. You're an Okie at heart. =)

    Plus, I'd really, really love it if you'd submit a guest post sometime. You are such a wonderful writer. Just the kind of writer we'd love to have on there. =)

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