"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

What’s cuter than the Monkey playing a guitar and singing an ABC rock ‘n roll song?

Nothing that’s what.

This was part of his preschool promotion last week. It was one of those “get out your tissues” kind of a moment. One of those “your baby is growing up and there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it” times of life.

And man, did it make me weepy!

Because he’s my baby and I’m not having any more. And even though I’m thrilled with the idea of never having to pay for preschool tuition EVER again, the whole thing makes me a little sad.

Because in preschool, they’re still little. They’re still silly. The play and make messes and paint with their fingers all in the name of learning.
But kindergarten will be a different beast. It will be all day. He’ll take a lunch. He’ll walk into the school next to 6th graders. He’ll learn to read and memorize his address and phone number.

Good Lord, he might even learn to tie his shoes.

And even though I am thrilled that he will learn how to do all of these things, I still want him to be my baby, but as he is already reminding me every day, “No, Mom. I’m a big boy.”

A big boy that knows how to rock ‘n roll.


  1. Rita

    Oh dear. All that talk about Kindergarten made ME get out MY tissue.

    William starts in the fall as well.

    Perhaps we can coordinate some online weeping when the time comes ; )

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