It’s finished! Porch Remodel Pics

I’m so excited there are no words. Watching the sod go down yesterday was like Christmas morning. Even as I write this, I am sitting on my brand-spanking-new porch writing this (gotta love Wi-Fi.) I can smell the star jasmine, there’s a cool breeze and before too much longer the Golfer and I will be popping open a couple of cold beers to celebrate!

There are still lots of little things left to do, but who cares! It’s done!

What do you think?

FYI–there will be a T.V. where that square is over the fireplace.


  1. Dawn

    Stephenie, it turned out GORGEOUS!!! OMG! I'm so jealous. There will be so many memories made on that new porch.

    ~Mrs. Albright (Dawn)

  2. mama wants more

    Thanks for all of the kind comments everyone. I wish I could have you all over for a glass of wine to celebrate on this beautiful California Saturday. Instead, know I'll be drinking enough for all of us! Ha!

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