Friday Funnies

:: making homemade pizza. yeah, they didn’t eat them. ::

Last night I was helping the Monkey get into a clean shirt before heading out to dinner.

With a bare chest, he pointed to himself and with a smug look said, “The girls like me like this.” and then flexed his “muscles” just to prove is point further.

I started to crack up and then, of course, so did he.


I was going through the Cheese’s school papers yesterday (yes! school is still going on here!) and noticed a piece of notebook paper with a bad drawing of a mouse skull and cross bones on the top.
It read: (his spelling, not mine)

“Rats in the Attic”

Singer: Hunter
Guaiter: Joshua
Drumer: Bentley
Manager: Arther

“What’s this?” I asked him.
“Oh, that’s our band called Rats in the Attic. I’m gonna need some drums.”
Indeed you do, son. A second grade rock band. This I’d actually like to see.

Last week while helping at Water Day at preschool, a darling little girl came up to me and said, “Monkey’s Mom? I’m gonna marry the Monkey.”
I smiled at her and excitedly said, “Oh boy! You are?”

As she started to walk away I asked, “Can I come to the wedding?”

And in all seriousness she turned around and simply said, “No.”

My daughter-in-law already hates me.

Happy Friday!


  1. Stacey

    I love this post! I laughed…out loud! I pray for my kid's spouses now and they are only 11 and 12. Seems that maybe you should get a head start too! =)

  2. mama wants more


    I have done that before too and it is quite obvious that I need to get a lot more serious in praying for my future daughter-in-laws. Ha!

    Glad the post gave you a good laugh and thanks for all of your kind comments.

  3. Rita

    OH this makes me feel better. William had THREE marriage proposals last year in Pre-K.

    And one was from **gasp** a KINDERGARTENER!

    Who know cougars started so early?

  4. Jude

    THAT was hysterical! Maybe you have time to make amends with your new daughter in law. She's of the age where you can buy her love and affection–a bicycle, a little pink dress, a lollipop?

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