They know all about me, and they love me just the same.

:: can you guess which hand is mine? ::
Once a year we make it a priority. Emails are sent. Hundreds of emails back and forth. We choose a weekend, we organize the husbands, the children, the babysitters. We find a way to make it work.

We don’t do much once we’re together. We laugh. Oh my, how we laugh. We act silly and behave in ways that we never would around other grown adult people. We might be getting close to 40 (“I’m 40! 4-0!”) but we act more like we’re about 12.

We’re planning a trip for our 39th birthdays. Most friends would plan a trip for when they all turn 40. Not us. What fun would it be to be just like everyone else? Not much.

We talk about kids and husbands and the things we do with those kids and husbands. We talk about our health and getting older. We remember fun times and what it was like to be younger.

And we laugh. Oh my, how we laugh.

These are some of my most favorite people on the planet. I love them. Truly.
And as a fun girl named Daisy would say, “Are you still lovin’ me?”


  1. Dawn

    How fun!
    I haven't been on a girl's trip since I was pregnant with Camryn over three years ago. I'm due! I love hanging out with my friends.

    Your hair has gotten so long!! You are such a pretty lady. =)

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