"It keeps you runnin’, yeah it keeps you runnin’…"

photo credit :: sunrise runner

I’ve gotta go run.

As the Golfer said, “Be careful. This might become a habit.”

How weird is that! Running? A habit? It’s a mind boggling thought actually. That running might possibly become something that I regularly do? I even ran–twice!–last weekend when I was on my girl’s trip. Now that’s just crazy,

This Couch to 5K program has been the best. I’m the kind of person that needs instant success when it comes to working out. If it’s too hard or makes me think things like, “I really suck at this!” with each step, then I just won’t continue to do it.

But this program isn’t like that. It’s…doable. And with each week I’m progressing. I’m running a little more, walking a little less. And I know that in just a few weeks time, I will hit my goal.

Not my weight loss goal mind you. Nope, that’s gonna take some time. A lot of time. But for whatever reason, this time I am bound and determined to get there. I’m tired of this weight robbing me of my happiness. I’m tired of seeing pictures of myself and only noticing how big I look. (That is, of course, when I actually allow someone to take a picture of me. I’ll do anything to avoid the evidence.)

This weekend, on the 4th of July, I’ll run in my first 5K. I’ve never ran in an actual race before and I’m kind of excited. I won’t be running the full 3 miles; there will be plenty of walking no doubt. But the Golfer and Pop, my step-dad, will be running with me and have no intention of running the whole time either (although they both could without a problem.)

So this 4th of July, when you’re sitting in your lawn chair, enjoying your cold beer and hot dog, think of me. Running.

And then try not to laugh.

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