Rabbits are eating my drink condiments.

There’s a varmint eating my peaches.  When you’re from Oklahoma that’s what you call them: varmints.  That’s definitely what my Grandaddy would have called them.

var·mint  (plural var·mints), noun, definition: troublesome person or animal: a person or an animal regarded as troublesome, unpleasant, or despicable ( regional )

When we were designing the new landscaping for the backyard, the Golfer had one request: citrus trees.  According to his personal reasoning, it’s sacrilegious to live in California and not have some kind of citrus trees.

So we now have a section of our yard that I refer to as The Grove.  In The Grove we have 2 lime trees, 2 peach trees, 1 Valencia orange tree, and 2 pomegranate trees.  Being new the trees are so small that the fruit is hanging pretty close to the ground.  And the varmints are really enjoying the 5 juicy peaches that I was hoping to make a cobbler with.  Because when you’re from Oklahoma that’s what you do with peaches: you make cobbler.

Either that or peach bellinis.

Luckily the varmints (we think it’s a bunny that we’ve seen in the yard) have taken no interest in the citrus or the pomegranates.

These will eventually be limes that are going to really taste good in a cold beer on the new porch.

This is one of our many pomegranates.  I’ve counted 6 so far.  It’s not like we’ll need to hire migrant workers to help us pick them all, but still, that’s a lot for a new tree. Pomegranate martinis for everyone!

And this pretty little thing will be an orange one day.  Fresh squeezed screwdrivers.  Yum.

Now if we only had some lemons…


  1. Dawn

    LOL! I love how you have all your cocktails planned according to your trees.

    We have a rabbit family in our backyard, but our backyard has NOTHING in it. LOL!

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