Dave Matthews. Everyday.

I was in the car today when the song “Everyday” by Dave Matthews Band came over the radio.  Oh how I love this song.  I’m a fan of some of Dave’s song.  Not all, just some.  Definitely this one because it always makes me think of the Big Cheese.

(Side note:  My son has informed me that from now on he wants to be referred to as “The Big Cheese” instead of just “The Cheese Eater.”  So there you go.)

When the Big Cheese was a newborn and I would be up nursing him in the middle of the night, I usually turned on the T.V. to keep myself awake.  I made the mistake once of trying to nurse without it and woke up to find my baby asleep in my arms with breast milk dribbling out of his mouth and my big ol’ boob resting on his cheek.  Not a good look.

So often I would put the T.V. on MTV or VH1 because really, the only thing on that late at night that isn’t terribly boring or pornographic are music videos.  And during the time that I was nursing my first born, the video for “Everyday” was really popular.

Now whenever I hear that song or see that video, I can’t help but remember sitting in the big green chair in my living room holding my tiny little baby boy.  My tiny baby boy who is now a big ol’ 3rd grader who asked me if I knew how to hotwire a car when we were getting ready for school this morning.

That’s my first Dave Matthews story.  Here’s my second.

So my dad usually goes to this little 9 hole golf course in Laguna.  He usually doesn’t have a group of his own, so he’ll often ask to be put with another group.  Then I get a call one day where my dad tells me that he played golf with “some band.”

“It was the Dave Matthews Band.  You ever heard of ’em?”

“Uh, yeah, Dad.  I’ve heard of them.”

“Yeah, well I asked them if they had any albums out.”

Albums.  Geesh.  “Yeah, Dad.  They have one or two.  And they’re often referred to as CDs.”

“Huh.  That’s what they said.  Anyway, I played with the black guy that plays the violin.  Nice guy.  But I think it might be more of your kind of music than mine.”

“Yeah, Dad.  Probably.”

All you need is
All you want is
All you need is Love.

Oh, everyday

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  1. Baloney

    With Michael, it was basketball (not that I wanted to watch it). With Jacob, I swear every channel had Girls Gone Wild. My hubs and I had those ads memorized.

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