Carpool Conversations

Cheese:  “Mom, I learned how to write the letter ‘t’ in cursive. Won’t be long before I have all of the letters to write my name.”

Mom:  “Cool.  You know what?  When I was in third grade, I also had to learn to write your name in cursive.  You know why?”

Cheese:  “Nope.” (Now showing very little interest in continuing this conversation.)

Mom:  “Because that used to be my last name before I married Daddy.  You know what my name was after I married Daddy?”

Monkey:  “I know!”  (Says the little brother in the back seat who always has his ears on.)  “It was Mommy!  Because that’s your name and because we grew in your belly.  And also Freeman.  Your name is that too.”

So there you go.


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