list five: 22 reasons why I love football season

:: photo courtesy of daisy70 ::

1.  College Game Day on ESPN.

2.  People who walk down the street and randomly yell, “Boomer!”

3.  The excitement in a college town on a Saturday morning.

4.  Something to look forward to every Saturday.

5.  Owen Field–the one constant in my life.

6.  All of the Facebook quarterbacks.

7.  Watching 5 year-olds playing flag football.

8.  The bowl game talk before the season starts.

9.  Game dogs.

10.  Breakfast beers.

11.  The In-and-Out truck at the Rose Bowl.

12.  Rose Bowl kettle corn.

13.  Realizing that the majority of my love of football season has to do with food.

14.  Choking up at the end of the National Anthem.

15.  The sea of crimson at the Cotton Bowl.

16.  The Eight Clap.

17.  “I need every man, woman, and child…” (From the UCLA yell leaders.)

18.  How it brings people together.

19.  How it tears people apart.

20.  The Bruins.

21.  The Sooners.

22.  The love.

**Coming Soon! Fellow bloggers–soon you’ll get to play along and make your own list.  That’s Baloney enjoyed my lists so much she recommended that I make a weekly MEME so everyone can play along.  So look for it soon!**

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