list six: 7 reasons why I like blogging

Well isn’t this nice?  You stop blogging for a week and when you come back you find that you’ve been given an award! What’s the award for?  Um, yeah, I really have no idea.

Regardless, I’d like to give a big “Thanks, ya’ll!” to the Real Housewives of Oklahoma for thinking of me as a worthy blogger.  If you haven’t checked out the ladies over at RHOK then you need to get right over there right now.  They are some funny ladies.  One housewife considers herself to be the Susan Lucci of reality shows while another “was forced as a child to hug her outdoor dog as punishment when she got in trouble.”  So see, when your visit their site, not only do you laugh but you also get lots of great parenting advice.

So one of the things that you’re supposed to do with this award is give 7 truths about yourself.  Since I’ve already done that
here on one of my lists, I won’t bore you with more.  However, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a list so I will bask in my new found versatility and come up with a new one for you.

list six: 7 reasons that I like being a blogger

1.  I like that people (that is, people who actually read my blog) know everything about me and choose to like me anyway.

2.  I like to hear people say, “I read your blog yesterday…”

3.  I like that it’s basically scrapbooking without the mess and expense.

4.  I like the honesty of it all, just throwing it all out there on the table for everyone to look at (…and hopefully not judge.)

5.  I like it when I finish writing something funny and I read over it, pat myself on the back and think “Yeah, baby.  I’ve still got it!”
6.  I like to pretend that other people find my life as interesting as I do.

7.  I like that blogging allowed me to meet new people that I would never have met otherwise.  Like some of the following ladies who I’d like to give the lovely “The Versatile Blogger” award to.

And here they are in no particular order:

Me & My Shortloffs–a friend from college that has continued to be a friend through the glorious wonders of the Internet.  (Oh, and she is funny and has really cute kids to boot!)

Sarah’s Fab Day–because how can you not love a blog that has a post entirely dedicated to jello shots?

Dawn’s Diversions–I have never met her in person, but I consider her a friend.  That’s what blogs do: turn strangers into friends (and also, she always has great ideas for recipe sharing parties.)  

hula seventy–because I stole her idea for lists and she always has lots of cool pictures posted.

Amy Storms–because she’s another Okie transplant who’s writing inspires me every time I read it.

stephmodo–because I love the versatility of beautiful pictures posted on her blog (and it doesn’t hurt that her name is Steph.)

Be Different…Act Normal–because with a blog name like that, how can you not like it!

Happy Friday!


  1. Rita

    I'd like to thank the Academy…

    … and my mother, and my pets, and Stefenie (whose writing inspires me to keep writing…

    Oh hell, there's the orchestra playing. Guess I'll stop now.

  2. Dawn

    Ahh… thanks, Steph! I consider you a friend too. I mean I stalk you on your blog and facebook. Oh, and I bought your book and read it! Ha!

    I think you are uber cool! =)

  3. Rita

    Ok, am totally daunted by the “Seven Truths About Yourself”…

    I'm thinking about telling the Internet Seven *Half* Truths about me.

    Or maybe even Seven Bold Faced Lies About me.

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