Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve asked the Monkey the same question, “How awesome was Kindergarten today?”

And every day he’s given me the same answer, “I didn’t get Dandy Dog today.”

And I always say, “I guess you need to try harder to have dandy behavior at school.”

You see, Dandy Dog is a special stuffed dog that travels home with kids who have had dandy behavior that day at school.  Dandy Dog travels to your home in his own suitcase, complete with a journal to write about all of the adventures that Dandy Dog has at your house while he’s there.  And in Kindergarten it’s a big damn deal.

Mrs. Fujino, one of the Monkey’s wonderful teachers said that he was shaking he was so excited to finally get Dandy Dog.  I would have given anything to have seen that.

Here is Dandy Dog (on the right) meeting Woof Woof (on the left.)

Watching a little after school television.

Riding down the street on a Big Wheel.  Dandy’s going to have lots to talk about when he goes back to school.

Oh what love we have for Dandy Dog.

I told the Monkey as we packed up Dandy to go back to school, “You need to keep having dandy behavior so Dandy Dog can come back and see us again.”

To which he replied, “No, I’m good.”

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