list 7.

12 reasons I hate political ads

1.  they are mean.  when was the last time you saw a “happy/friendly” political ad?  yeah, never.

2.  they never really say anything.  it’s just a lot of blah, blah, don’t for that guy, vote for me, blah, blah nonsense.

3.  all they do is talk about how bad the other guy is.

4.  the closer it gets to november, the more they’re on.

5.  they are on so much, my 8-year-old said tonight, “Mom, I have to vote “NO” on Prop 23 cuz I don’t wanna die.”

6.  what the hell are these ads teaching my kids?

7.  did I mention that I think they’re mean?

8.  they don’t make me want to go vote.

9.  they make me hate politics.

10.  they make me hate politicians.

11.  i don’t like to hate anything.

12.  but apparently all of our politicians hate each other. and I’m not even sure how much they like our country.

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