Halloween Party Pics

My great friend Karin and I decided to throw a Halloween party for our kids this year.  It might have been at my house, but she gets ALL the credit for the cute party ideas.  Okay, not all.  I’ll take the credit for the vomiting pumpkin, but even that was stole from some blog that I visited (wish I could remember which one to give them the credit, but I’ve slept since then.)  Truthfully, most of our ideas came from familyfun.com.  Gotta love it.

The kids had a ball.  After the Golfer/Rugby Player left to take 6 crazy boys trick-or-treating, Karin and I spiked the punch and handed out candy and leftover cupcakes and donut hole “eyeballs” to the neighborhood ghosts and goblins (or should I say, princesses and superheros.)  But I have to admit, my favorite part of the evening was when a teenager, taking an “eyeball” from the bowl, looked at Karin and said, “This is the kind of house I always wanted to grow up in.”

Made me sad and happy all in the same moment. Either that or it was the vodka in the punch. Probably a little bit of both.

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