I would live here in a heartbeat.  This cute little farm house so small and festive.  It’s darling.  And my family would have it filled to the brim with crap within a couple of hours of moving in.

I’m tired of the crap.  The crap is getting to me.  And what bothers me most of all is that most of the crap is mine.

I spent three hours last weekend cleaning the pantry.  Just the pantry took three hours.  And it’s not even the messiest part of the house.

I know what some of you are thinking.  “Steph, I’ve been to your house and there’s no crap to be found.”  And do you know what I say back?  “Yes there is.  I just hide it really well.  I only let you see what I want you to see.”

(Hence the pantry full of crap.)

So this week I’m purging.  The Christmas lists have started.  The grandparents have already started buying which means more crap is just around the corner.  So while I still can, I’m going to simplify.  Less crap equals less cleaning.  Less cleaning equals more time to do the things I like to do.

Like buy more crap.

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