list 9: things I’m better at now that I am…older.

:: courtesy of my kate spade app ::

1.  cooking  (it’s genetic)

2.  listening  (not as genetic as #1)

3.  reading  (so many books…)

4.  exercising  (paying a trainer helps)

5.  money managing  (still could use some improvement)

6.  friendships  (doing life together)

7.  volunteering  (because I can)

8.  refraining  (especially where alcohol is concerned)

9.  praising  (due to the Golden Rule)

10.  complimenting  (kinda goes hand-n-hand with #9)

11.  writing  (which is all due to #3)

12.  responding  (which directly correlates to #6)

13.  eating  (because of #1)

14.  loving  (because I am blessed.)

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