But it’s a tradition.

Five years ago, thanks to Wilton’s ready-made gingerbread house kit, I started the tradition of making our own gingerbread house for Christmas.  That first year we only did one since the Monkey was still a baby and the Cheese was only 3.  (We now have to make two.)  It was my first gingerbread house and I wanted it to be perfect.
What I remember about that first gingerbread house is being very exasperated by the whole process.  I wanted it to look one way, the Cheese wanted it to look another.  I was arguing with my 3 year old about a craft when I was supposed to be creating a beautiful holiday memory.  
But one thing that having children has taught me is that life is a lot more fun when you aren’t trying to make it look perfect.
Doesn’t mean that I haven’t stopped trying.  
It’s taken my 5 years to realize that this tradition isn’t about ending up with a beautiful product.  They never look like the examples on the box.  It’s about the process and letting whatever happens…happen.  Each boy gets his own and Mama’s in charge of the “glue.”  I’ve even stopped trying to make suggestions.  I just sit and do as I’m told.  

And in doing so, they actually come out looking pretty cute.  They look like they were made by children.  As they should.  To the people at Wilton, may I make a suggestion?  Quit putting pictures of perfect gingerbread houses on your boxes.  The original kid made kind are so much cuter.

Don’t you think?


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