Retro Christmas Pics: Part 2

This is Mrs. Graybill, my godmother.  Starting with my 1st Christmas, she gave me a Reed & Barton silver Christmas Cross every Christmas always with a sweet hand-written note.  She would also always call me on my birthday and sing me “Happy Birthday”.  Mrs. Graybill has always been a part of my cheering section and my life has been blessed because of it.

Me and Lori in front my my grandmother’s tree.  All I can say is thank goodness this picture isn’t a close up.  My mouth was full of metal and I was wearing fake Keds and a teddy bear sweatshirt.  The early- to mid- 80’s were NOT kind to me.  But honestly, were they kind to any of us?  I really don’t think so.
Case in point.  Yes, that’s a bow on our poor cat.  And yes, feel free to call me Sally Jesse.  Why am I sticking out my tongue?  I really have no idea.
One of my favorites.  This is me, my cousin Chelle, my step-brother Shay, and my best friend Blake.  Picture was totally unplanned.  Our parents had dropped us off at the mall and apparently we decided for some unknown reason to take a Christmas picture at one of those random kiosks in the middle of the mall.  I’m so glad we did because this picture is so random that it totally cracks me up.
Here’s me and Mom getting ready for the high school Christmas formal, junior year 1989.  I was so excited for my first formal that I didn’t even care that my mom was a chaperone.  I loved that black taffeta dress with plaid bows on the shoulders.  Now I couldn’t even fit my left butt cheek in that tiny thing, but I would so love to try.

I bet you 100 bucks my mom still has that jacket in her closet.

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