My favorite nativity. Ever.

I took this picture last night.  We drove over to Fillmore to take the kids on the Polar Express (more about that later.)  At the train depot there was a Christmas carousel, lots of twinkling lights, and this nativity which totally and completely cracked me up.

Take a look at Joseph gesturing to the manger.  Why yes, Mr. Wise Man, here’s my new born…uh…wait a minute…uh…where’d he go?

Oh there he is.  Mary’s holding him.  Mary looks a little red in the face.  Is she embarrassed by the state of things?  Perhaps she’s just had a little too much egg nog?  Well she has had a pretty rough night.  And who’s that next to her?  A young shepard?  Peter Pan?  Jesus’s older brother, whining to Mary about when he gets to ride on the carousel?  One thing is for certain.  Poor Mary’s had it.  Besides, she’s just given birth to a son that’s apparently half her size.

But the best thing about this nativity?  That would be the ginormous candy cane stripped candle smack dab in the middle of all of the action.

After all, Jesus did bring light into the world.

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