363 days.

I enjoy the holidays, but I’m happy that it’s over for another year.  Christmas is over.  My house is back to normal (excluding the boys’s rooms and the over-abundance of new toys and LEGO pieces).  The boys took golf clubs to their gingerbread houses yesterday and the tree was put back up on the shelf for another 11 months.  Christmas isn’t for another 363 days and I am loving it.

After spending the whole day yesterday putting the holidays back into their plastic bins, I planned to do a whole lot of nothing today.  But since I’ve avoided Target like the plague for the last 3 weeks, I am now in dire need of supplies and the pantry has nothing in it except for cereal and chili powder.

But after that?  Nothing.  You know the best thing about your kids getting new DS games and LEGOS?  It makes the house VERY quite.  The Golfer heads back to work, so Mama is planning to do nothing but sit on the couch with one of her new books (Mama got books for Christmas!  Her favorite thing!) and ignore any cries for help.

I hope your day is filled with a whole lot of nothing too.

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