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bookshelf spectrum, revisited
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What I wouldn’t give to have this room in my house.  I’m in love with the color coding of these shelves and can’t help but wonder, “Did the owner buy these books because of their content or their color?”  Either way, I love it.  (I’ve actually tried to copy this look with my cookbooks in my kitchen, but it doesn’t pack the same punch since I don’t have that many cookbooks.)

My other bookshelves are organized differently.  Basically, I have “to-read” shelves, “read” shelves (in order of reading), and “just-couldn’t-finish” shelves.  And all of these shelves are divided up between hardback and paperback.  There is a biography/memoir shelf.  A Christmas shelf.  There are shelves for the boys.  Even the Golfer has a couple of shelves.  But I’m running out of room on these shelves.  

I have openly debated on here about getting a Kindle.  For a few weeks I was convinced that it was the way to go (so much so that the Golfer ordered one for me for my birthday.)  And then I came home with yet another stack of books and declared that I just couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t go digital (which quickly prompted the Golfer to cancel the Kindle.)
Yesterday I took the boys to Barnes and Noble to spend some gift cards that we were all given for Christmas.  (Disclaimer: our city does not have an independently owned book store.  If it did, I’d buy all of my book there.  However, since we don’t, I don’t mind getting the large chain discount.)  I proudly came home with yet another stack of books that I can’t wait to read.

Here are my latest purchases:

1.  The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

2.  Beverly Hills Adjacent by Jennifer Steinhauer and Jessica Hendra

3.  This is Where I Leave You by Johnathan Tropper

4.  A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

5.  Red Hook Road by Aylet Waldman

6.  A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (gift from Mom)

7. Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

8.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

9.  Bought by Anna David

And these are just the books that I’ve bought in the last two weeks.

So today, as it rains and I wait for a new headboard from West Elm to arrive (a Christmas present from the Golfer) I am going to head upstairs to our loft and rearrange my bookshelves because it makes me happy.

Clearly, I should have been a librarian.

How do you arrange your bookshelves?

Bookshelf 37 (SKM, Atlanta, GA) by Jane Mount
:: Bookshelf 37 by Jane Mount ::


  1. Dawn

    Um, well, I don't arrange mine. I don't really keep many of them.

    Actually, I have about 10 books that I bought or were given last year that I haven't even read. I just can't find the time to read anymore. It's so sad and pathetic. I guess I'm going to have to cut out TV time, Facebook time, Blog time, friend time and drinking – just so I can read a book again. Ha!

  2. jillannfritts

    I just got a Kindle this year for Christmas. I read Anita Shreve's new book Rescue in less than two days. It was sooooo good. I think I am really going to love the Kindle, despite really liking books in all of their book-ness. I only have about 50 books (my favorites) that I keep. The rest I give away or sell on Amazon after I am done reading them.

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