list 10: Things I learned last year.


1.  it’s about the food, not the exercise.

2.  grey hair grows everywhere, not just on your head (& I do mean everywhere.)

3.  macs are better.

4.  people outside of my family find me valuable.

5.  bangs are an easy answer for a much needed new look.

6.  3 dogs is a lot more than 2.

7.  time goes by fast especially when you don’t want it to.

8.  some people care.  a lot of people don’t.

9.  there are too many chairs in my house.

10.  my feet get cold easily now and I have no idea why.

11.  disappointment is part of life’s recipe.

12.  i like buying now and returning later.

13.  a small dog curled up in your lap works better than a heating pad.

14.  acceptance is necessary in almost any & every situation.

15.  if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it.

16.  more isn’t better.  it’s just more.

17.  but wanting more handbags isn’t a bad thing.

18.  i’m actually getting better with age…minus the grey hair and cold feet.

what did you learn last year?


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