He now feels six.

Much to my disappointment, the Monkey’s birthday cake wasn’t a wreck.  Far from it.  I wish I had video of how FIRED UP the Monkey was when I brought his cake home from the grocery store.  We took a lick, just to make sure it wasn’t stale, and wouldn’t you know it?  The darn thing even tasted good.  Stupid store bought cake.

So yeah, his Sooner Sleepover birthday party was a success.  We started out by taking our two guests (two brothers the same ages as my boys) to Color Me Mine for some fun.

They all picked out banks to paint, although I’m not sure how much actual saving will be taking place inside of these little beauties.  
Afterward we bought pop and candy at Rocket Fizz to have with our chips, queso, and pizza at home.  Throw in a big ol’ hunk of birthday cake and you’ve got a great little junk overload, birthday vomit concoction.  Luckily, we were tummy-ache-free.  The next morning there were Star Wars pancakes and bacon (and apparently a few Goldfish and M&M’s that were had before the Golfer and I woke up.)

When Grandmoms asked me how the evening went I told her, “It was great!  The boys had a blast and the Golfer and I escaped to the back porch to watch a movie and enjoy a glass (or three) of wine.”

However, the best part was overhearing (so say eavesdropping, I saw overhearing) the boys’ conversation as they were all falling asleep.  There was some girl talk (mostly from the older brothers) and some giggling (mostly from the little brothers).  The Golfer and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh under our breath.

The next day the Monkey looked at me and said, “I feel 6 now.”

I’m sure you do, son.  I’m sure you do.


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