What I learned in kindergarten today.

My Monday mornings are spent in a Kindergarten classroom.  Nothin’ like 26 Kindergartners to get your week started off right.

This morning, while I was busy stuffing homework folders with instructions about valentines and the 100th  Day of School Celebration, the Monkey’s teacher was busy teaching blends.  (For those of you who have forgotten elementary school, blends: two consonants clustered together without vowels separating them, usually at the beginning of a word.)

Anyway, the teacher starts to ask for students to tell her words that begin with a blend.  I really wasn’t paying much attention until I heard her say, “I love the way the Monkey is raising his hand so nicely!  Monkey, what is your blend?”

I waited to hear his answer.

“Flip off!” the Monkey smiled as he answered.

Oh.  My.  And.  No.  He.  Didn’t.

I was felt privileged enough to witness this proud moment in my son’s educational experience.

Yes indeed, the teacher told him.  The word flip does have a blend.  The word off?  Yeah, not so much.

“I have a blend,” I told the teacher as she looked at me, trying her best not to crack up.

“How about the word “embarrassed”?  Does that have a blend?”

So here’s what I learned in Kindergarten today: small children are always paying attention.  Especially when you’re driving on the freeway.

When you live with the Monkey, you never know what you’re gonna get.


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