list 12: What I don’t need.

1.  I don’t need…my kids asking me the same thing over and over again.  My bright and intelligent children have yet to figure out that the answer is always the same–no.

2.  I don’t need…more things to stress over.  I do a great job of making stress appear out of nowhere all on my own.

3.  I don’t need…any more pets.  Because three is more than enough.  (And yes, the Golfer continually reminds me that I was the one that purchased all 3 of those pets.)

4.  I don’t need…fast food.  Because it is evil.

5.  I don’t need…to spend more money.  I need to save.

6.  I don’t need…more books to read.  I have plenty.

7.  I don’t need…more excuses not to exercise.  I need less.  See #4.

8.  I don’t need…to go to Target.  See #5.

9.  I don’t need…more things to do.  I’m over-booked as it is.

10.  I don’t need…more of anything.  Because I have all that I need.  Except handbags.  And to lose 20  pounds.  But that’s all I need.

Except this remote control. The handbags, the 20 pounds, and the remote control, and that’s all I need. And this paddle ball game. The handbags, and the 20 pounds, and the remote control and this paddle ball game and that’s all I need. And this lamp…  

(Note:  If you’ve never seen the movie “The Jerk”, then that last line won’t make any sense to you whatsoever.  Sorry.)

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