Scenes from a 9-year-old’s birthday party.

 The Big Cheese is now halfway to turning 18.  And what kind of party does any little boy that is halfway to 18 want to have?  Why a video game marathon party of course!   


The decorations that he chose were Sonic.  No, not the drive-in.  The video game character.


And of course that particular video game character did not have his own personalized Wilton cake pan, so Mama had to improvise with the cake.
When I asked the birthday boy what he thought of his cake, I got a very 9-year-old monotoned response, “Good.”
He was, however quite surprised with I cut into it.  That part he actually thought was pretty cool, which was the exact reaction Mama was going for.  It didn’t hurt that we also served root beer floats, the Cheese’s favorite.
8 boys meant two different marathons going on at once–Wii downstairs and Play Station upstairs.  It was very loud for a good hour.  But that’s what 9-year-old are good at: being loud.
They did have fun and it was a very low-maintenance party.  What little boy’s not going to have fun when they can play video games for a solid hour and what Mama’s not going to like being able to sit and relax during a party?


That smile, right there, on the Cheese’s face?  Yeah, it was like that the whole time.
A fun time was had by all.  It even snowed for a few minutes.  Just long enough for the boys to run outside and be loud in the snow because being loud outside is always a better choice than being loud inside.  That is until it’s time to run in and finish your cake.  Nothing quiets a room of 9-year-old boys faster than root beer floats and birthday cake, which is why I plan on stocking up on both.

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