The family that golfs together…

:: the big cheese playing is first 9 holes at holmby hills in beverly hills ::

I was talking about my basketball bracket the other night at our small group and one of the women said (in a nice way), “Oh yeah!  You’re really into sports.”

The truth?  When college athletics pays the bills, you tend to really be into sports.

Granted, being Sooner Born and Sooner Bred it all goes without saying.  I was teasing one of the young pastors at work about not knowing how to fill out his bracket.

“You’re from Oklahoma,” he said.  “People in Oklahoma are way too interested in sports.”

I rest my case.

But it isn’t basketball or football that pay our bills.  It’s golf.  And as the wife of a college golf coach, I’m sure you can guess the number one question I am asked repeatedly:

Do you play golf?

And when I tell them no, they are shocked and amazed.

That, however, is all about to change.

Before I continue, let me reiterate something that I have said here many times before: I am not athletic.  I am married to an athlete and even though we sleep in the same bed, none of his talents have rubbed off on me.  Well…none of his athletic ones anyway.

But I digress.  When the boys were babies I used to joke that eventually, one day, I would be left alone on Saturdays while my boys all went out to play.  And no, I did not see that as a bad thing.  But I am realizing that as the boys get older, there will be fewer and fewer things that we will do as a family.  And in truth that makes me a little sad.

Yesterday the boys had there first junior golf class.  Our country club has a wonderful junior golf program that runs from March to November.  It’s an awesome program and we’re glad that the boys get to be a part of it.  There’s nothing cuter than a bunch of kids (boys and girls thank you very much) all in their nice pants and collared shirts and their golf clubs that are as big as they are.  Nothing cuter.

When the class was over we headed inside for our Shirley Temples and Club Specials (two for them, one for me).  The Monkey asked, “Can we go play some holes?”  Unfortunately, the Golfer was away at a tournament, but he was so cute and so excited that I found myself saying, “Next time we will.  When daddy gets back and can play with us.  I promise.”

Perhaps it was the Club Special, or maybe it was just wanting to make my little one smile.  Either way, the family that golfs together…gets to enjoy cocktails after the round.  Well…the parents do anyway.

Why it’s taken me so long to get into this fabulous game, I’ll never know.

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