list 13: 18 reasons why I suck at Words with Friends

1.  I am not a good speller.

2.  I flunked most of my 2nd grade spelling tests.

3.  My 9-year-old is a better speller than I am.  He’s in 3rd grade.

4.  Whenever people ask me how to spell a word, the Golfer has a hard time stifling his laughter.

5.  I just had a hard time spelling stifling.

6.  God bless whoever invented Spell Check.

7.  I have no game strategy whatsoever.

8.  I am actually surprised that I spelled strategy correctly.

9.  I don’t cheat.

10.  If I find a word–any word–that I can spell with my tiles, I use it (even if it only gets me 6 points.)

11.  Maybe I should be cheating.

12.  For all the time spent playing, it doesn’t seem to be making me a better speller.

13.  Clearly I’m not as bright as I thought.

14.  Reading is supposed to make you a better speller.  What a crock.

15.  Crock would probably be a high scoring word with some “TL’s” and “DW’s” mixed in.

16.  The computer that picks the tiles that I get obviously hates me.

17.  And for whatever reason I continue to play.

18.  Probably because it’s fun.


  1. Amy

    I love playing with you, so don't feel bead, just enjoy the game. Think about how sweet you are at making others feel good when we beat you!

  2. Dawn

    LOL!!! You are too funny.

    I love WwF. I'm a good speller and I've learned so many different combinations by playing Scrabble (on the phone) and WwF.

    If you'd like to play I'm dawnsdiversions, of course. If not, I understand. Ha!

    Just don't ask me to play any kind of trivia or math games. I suck.

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