This ain’t no disco…

Although we live in the suburbs of La La land, we see our fair share of filming up where we live.


And this was what it looked like outside my front door.  This picture does not show all of the trucks and people and security there was all over our neighborhood.



The notice says: Will Be Filming–All State.  Cool.  Means that it’s a national commercial.  My little suburban neighborhood’s gonna be famous!

Naturally, I decided that today was the perfect day for a little yard work.  Outside.  In the front yard.  Which I rarely ever do.  However, today seemed like a good day to start.

Because I had a feeling that they needed me.  Needed a suburban housewife to fill in if necessary.  Or how about a cute little kid who just lost his first tooth (the Monkey) or a cute little dog (Norman) to steal the show?

Instead, we had this guy hanging out in our neighborhood all day riding a motorcycle for an All-State Commercial. The “Mayhem” guy was in a trailer in front of my house all day.  I refrained from knocking on his trailer door asking him if he wanted some freshly baked cookies.  Instead, I used my small child as a reason to stalk production.

“Is it okay if we watch?”  I batted my eyes at the cop guarding the shoot.  He smiled back and let me and the Monkey get pretty darn close to the action.  But the problem with using a 6-year-old as bait is that their attention span for watching the filming of a national commercial is about as long as the commercial itself.

So after a few minutes, we walked back toward our house, but not before I heard someone yell, “That’s a rap!”

Just another ordinary So Cal kind of day.

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