There’s a hole in his face.

For a snack, he decided to munch on an apple.  A few seconds after the first bite he yelled, “Mom!!!  My tooth fell out!!!”

I had no idea that it was even loose.  Apparently, neither did he.  The good thing about letting a tooth fall out on its own?  No blood, no drama.  Just a teeny, tiny baby tooth that no longer lives in my Monkey’s mouth.

This makes me sad.  It’s bad enough that he’s 6 years old and about to finish Kindergarten.  Now he’s going to have huge big boy teeth too.  (The Freeman/Bentley genes seem to produce very big teeth.)

So I prepared myself for the Tooth Fairy to visit.

“No,” the Monkey informed me.  “I want to take my tooth to school to show my teacher.  Tell her that she can come next Tuesday.”

“Well, don’t you think we better write her a note so she will know?” I asked him.

Dear Tooth Fairy,  Please don’t take my tooth until next Tuesday.  Thank you.  Love, Monkey

“Can I tell her to leave 25 bucks?”

“Uh, no.  You can’t ask her for specific amounts.  Besides, how much money do you think the Tooth Fairy has?”


Apparently in the Monkey’s world, the Tooth Fairy is the richest lady in town.


  1. Dawn


    Camryn was just talking about the tooth fairy yesterday. She can't wait to lose a tooth. And, there's no question about how much we have to leave her. She said the tooth fairy leaves a dollar under the pillow. I think we can handle that. =)

    Monkey looks cute with his hole.

  2. Meredith

    Super cute! 25 bucks…love it. Nathan lost his first tooth at 2 after falling and hitting a chair. So I was lucky and the tooth fairy brought him a toy instead of money. 🙂

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