Spring Breaking it–miniature style.

I needed to get out of town for a couple of days.  I needed a vacation, even a mini one just 30 minutes away.  God bless a sweet friend who hooked us up at The Fairmont down in Santa Monica for two nights.  Along with grapes, strawberries, graham crackers and marshmallow fluff, these cute sponges awaited the boys upon our arrival.
The boys favorite part of the hotel?  Kid-sized hotel robes.


It was a little chilly out, but that doesn’t make any difference when you are under 10 years old and have a  really cool heated pool to enjoy.




I brought the boys’ scooters with us, anticipating the opportunity to bike around town.  The Golfer and I borrowed two bikes from the hotel and we all managed to navigate the bums that were napping along our trail.


Minus the bums and breezy weather, there were plenty of great photo ops.



This one couldn’t be more of a camera ham if he tried.  Please note that I never ask him to pose.  He just does this on his own.


The Golfer and I have had this standard pose since our honeymoon.  This is the “stretch your arm out and hope we get into the frame” pose that we perfected through the years.  (Notice the reflection in the Golfer’s sunglasses.)


I feel in love with this humongous tree out in front of the hotel.  There was no way to get the entire thing in the frame.  But it was so very, very cool.  I guess I have a thing for big trees.


We finished our 2 days trip by having lunch on the beach, complete with new LEGOS.  Because what is Spring Break without a new Hero Factory LEGO to enjoy?


I didn’t need a new LEGO to enjoy our spring break excursion.  Having my handsome husband next to me was all I needed.


And the Monkey?  Well, he can’t seem to keep his teeth in his mouth.  2 teeth lost in 5 days.  Gotta be some kind of Spring Break record.  And the funny part?  While eating dinner one night, Dwayne Johnson (i.e., The Rock) who played the Tooth Fairy in a movie sat next to us at dinner one night.


Bet The Rock would have given him that $25 bucks he’s hoping for.

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  1. lisa

    Awww….looks like a great getaway!

    We escaped with our 3 monkees to Nashville last week!

    We do the “signature pose” too! Did it on our spring break as well.
    And even finished off our break with a family trip to a Lego store to make new purchases! Too funny! 🙂

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