Reunited and it feels so good.

So my 20-year reunion was a great, fun time.  No really, it was.  I couldn’t wait to see all of my old friends: Christie, Kim, Lisa, Karen, Kio, and Amy just to name a few.  Everyone looked awesome–just like we did 20 years ago (at least that’s what we kept telling each other all night long.)

Gone was all of the pretense of high school.  Gone was worrying about what your classmates think (of course that doesn’t explain why I spent a lot of money on new clothes for the event.)  Gone was all of the stupid stuff that makes high school…high school.
I would have posted these pics sooner, but I’ve been trying to find the old pics from high school that “match” these new ones.  I dug out an old box of pics and ended up spending an hour going through all of them, which made me realize that I needed to organize them all, which reminded me that I needed a lot of new albums to put them in, which made me run to Target to buy some new ones, where I totally forgot about the albums and bought breakfast blend K-cups, 4th of July T-shirts for the boys, and toilet paper instead.
And we wonder where our son gets his ADD.
This pic is of Christie, me, and Lisa.  Somewhere there is a picture from our graduation just like this…but if I go to look for it again, I might never finish this post.  I always thought Lisa was the most beautiful girl in our class, inside and out, and she still is.  (And her two little boys are the cutest kids on the planet!)
I love this pic.  It’s of everyone at the reunion from our elementary school: Monroe Elementary.  It’s a little fuzzy, but it shows so many of the people that I grew up with and still count as dear friends.
clockwise (for those who care) Kio, me, Cole, Claine, Alicia, Sean, Susan, Kim, Nathan, Andrew, Ryan, Bryan, Karen, Kyra, and Laura.  And there were so many missing!  I’m talking about you Susan, Nicole, Jeannie, Jane, and others!
Oh how I’ve missed these two friends!  Kio and Karen were two of my first and best friends when I moved to Norman in 1981.  The memories we have together are long.  The one bad thing about the reunion?  I didn’t have nearly enough time to catch up with these two.

Here I am with Amy and Karen.  In high school, we had a little group called the BASKETS (all of our names put together.)  Yeah, we were one wild and crazy group.  (Can’t hear the sarcasm in my voice, can you?)  We did, however, get caught by the cops tee-peeing my boyfriend’s house, but that was the extent of our craziness.

So I didn’t make the Golfer go Friday night but I did drag him along for Saturday.  Turns out, he was a bigger hit than I was at the reunion (not that that surprises anyone.)  Guess that’s what you get when you’re married to a guy who’s won a National Championship.

Here’s one old pic of Christie and I that I didn’t have to dig for.  Here we are at our Junior Prom…

And here we are 21 years later!  Our hair isn’t quite as big, but I think we look exactly the same.

And here I am with my other dear, dear friend Kim.  She made me look like a squatty midget in her heels, but I still love her.   Oh, how I miss living close to her!

Yes, the reunion was great.  I loved seeing everyone and I loved seeing how happy and successful everyone has become.  There were so many people missing but it was so great to see everyone that I did.


  1. Baloney

    I love reunions!!
    Did I know that you knew Kio? She's a sweetheart. Don't you both live in CA?!

    Glad you had a great time at your reunion!

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